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by | Oct 30, 2023 | ETS Instructors

CERTIFIED Educator Google for Education - ED Technology Specialists


We’d like to give you a peek into one of our popular courses, Google Certified Educator. Becoming a Google Certified Educator can be an instrumental step towards transforming the educational experience for your students. The program through ED Technology Specialists consists of two courses, Level 1 and 2.  Participants begin in the Level 1 course where they’ll prepare to take the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam. Tuition for this course includes a discount equivalent to the cost of the exam.

By becoming certified, educators gain access to a plethora of resources, including advanced training materials, exclusive community forums, and the latest educational trends and best practices. This certification not only enhances your digital skills but also fosters a dynamic learning environment, where students can engage with interactive and collaborative learning tools. Moreover, being a Google Certified Educator opens up avenues for professional development, career advancement, and networking opportunities, ultimately fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement within the education sector.

The course consists of the following 6 Modules:

Module 1: Getting Started with Google Integration
Module 2: Using Digital Tools for Organization and Efficiency
Module 3: Advance Communication with Digital Tools
Module 4: Creating Engaging Content
Module 5: Teaching and Modeling Digital Skills
Module 6: Certification Exam Preparation/ Culminating Project

See what participants who’ve completed the course are saying!

  • “Don’t assume that you are well versed in all facets of google before you try this course. I grew up with the development of google over time and I was shocked to see how much I was using in applications that I use regularly. It will absolutely save you time when prepping, planning and presenting. If nothing else, you can share your knowledge with your colleagues so they are aware of the tools that are accessible to them.” –Tino

  • “Excellent course, helped me to gain confidence and a better understanding of how to use Google tools in the classroom. Take the time to complete the fundamental training course. It will help in preparing for the Google Level I Educator Certificate.” –Joe

  • “The work seems like a lot at first, but many things are already being done using different programs or different methods. The Google Suite is nice because everything can talk to everything else and materials can be moved quickly through from one program/app to another. For this class specifically, the nice part is that it’s set to go at your own pace and there’s plenty of opportunity to practice the information presented in the modules.” –David

  • “I’ve been using many of these resources in my classes, but definitely learned new tips and tricks by taking the course.  I think this could be useful for teachers who are beginners or more experienced.” –Victoria

Begin your journey today! Register Here → Google Certified Educator – Level 1

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