Leveraging Instructional Technology to Advance the Learning Experience

 Instructor: Mallack Walsh/Multiple   3 Graduate Credits

Andrews Course EDCI 639-034 /   Colorado State Course #501   /   Drake Course #EDMT 217 / UND Course #T&L 2900

If you plan on completing more than 6 classes in one session, let us know first so that we can confirm the university can process the transcripts promptly.

Advance learning for you and your students through hands-on application of instructional technology tools all available through the GSuite and Extensions.  In this course, taught by a certified Google for Education Trainer, teachers will explore the latest and greatest features in the GSuite Apps and take a look at some Chrome extensions that are designed for educators and students.  
Participants will dive deep into Google App features and Chrome extensions to curate information, create interactive dynamic lessons, create screencasts, and increase efficiency.  Other tools that will be investigated have the ability to enhance student creativity, increase organization, and boost the overall productivity of both students and teachers.  The course will include hands-on educational computer applications for use by teachers, administrators and students. Participants meet virtually via online communities to discuss and share lessons and strategies to leverage these technologies to enhance learning. Participants will create lesson plans that incorporate these technologies. 

July 5th, 2019 12:00 AM
Course Fee(s)
Andrews University 3-Credit Graduate Fee $379.00
Drake University 3-Credit Graduate Fee $379.00
Colorado State 3-Credit Graduate Fee $429.00
UND 3 Graduate Level PD Credits $429.00
In-Service (Non-Credit) $229.00
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