Enhancing Early Literacy Instruction with EdTech Tools

Instructor: Multiple          3 Graduate Credits

Andrews Course #EDCI 639-047   / Colorado State Course #501  / UND Course #T&L 2900

If you plan on completing more than 6 classes in one session, let us know first so that we can confirm the university can process the transcripts promptly.

Early Literacy refers to the understanding of language, print, and words developed before a child begins kindergarten. This course is designed for early childhood teachers as well as parents of young children to support the development of six major early literacy skills. In this engaging course, participants will dive into current educational research concerning the meaningful use of digital tools in early literacy, discover digital tools to support early educators, and learn specific strategies and best-practices to support our youngest learners. Participants will collaborate and share skills, strategies, and provide support to each other. Participants meet virtually via online communities to discuss and share lessons and strategies.

October 3rd, 2019 12:00 AM
Course Fee(s)
Andrews University 3-Credit Graduate Fee $379.00
Colorado State 3-Credit Graduate Fee $429.00
UND 3 Graduate Level PD Credits $429.00
In-Service (Non-Credit) $229.00
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