Intro to Edtech and Online Learning

Instructor: Multiple Instructors  

Course #  ETS -2022

45 PD Hours  CTLE Approved  Not Available for Graduate Credits

This course is designed to provide participants with a wide variety of online tools, pedagogical strategies, and digital resources to prepare educators to become successful online learners. These modules provide participants with skills, strategies, applications, and resources that can be immediately applied to teaching and learning in the classroom. We created this class with the intent to provide educators with a free resource to assist them in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to better navigate the waters of online learning in a digital world.  
This course is a conglomeration of various parts of the many courses we currently offer.  We have taken one module from each of a multitude of our courses and included them here.  Participants will have voice and choice, and will get to choose from a variety of  modules they would like to complete.  Participants will get a brief introduction to many different edtech tools, methodologies, and resources.  Participants will learn valuable information that will help them collaborate, communicate, and create in an online learning setting.  They will also share their work and communicate in an interactive discussion board. 


  • The course is open to all teachers worldwide.
  • Students have access to the course within 2-3 days after registration.
  • The course is geared towards all teachers, including technology novices and beginners.
  • 45 CTLE Hours and 3 inservice credits are available for New York State Teachers upon request.
October 3rd, 2019 12:00 AM
Course Fee(s)
In-Service (No Grad Credits) $0.00
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