Motivating Girls To “Lean In” To Pursue Passion-Driven Careers In STEM

Instructor: Naomi Harm  3 Graduate Credits

Andrews Course #EDCI 639-027  /   Colorado State Course #501  /  Drake Course #EDMT 219 / UND Course #T&L 2900

If you plan on completing more than 5 courses over a 4 month period, let us know first so that we can confirm the university can process the transcripts promptly.

Are you looking to motivate your girls and young women students to pursue passionate careers in STEM? By joining this course, you will discover innovative STEM teaching and learning experiences to empower the next generation of female leaders through a “startup” classroom culture and student-centered approaches.

This online course will provide you the opportunity to explore and discover a multitude of computational thinking, robotics, and the new literacy of coding activities - including unplugged and tech infused activities.

You will be introduced to STEM maker and design challenge, that you can easily replicate to use the very next day in your classroom.

A variety of differentiated STEM ideas, activities and templates, as well as access to a huge collection of resources will be shared to inspire, mentor and model STEM career choices for ALL your students.

By the end of the course, you will gain new mentoring skills to motivate K-12 girls and young women to lead with passion-driven purpose, strengthened computational thinking skills, and STEM global entrepreneurship passions.

July 5th, 2019 12:00 AM
Course Fee(s)
Andrews University 3-Credit Graduate Fee $399.00
Drake University 3-Credit Graduate Fee $399.00
Colorado State 3-Credit Graduate Fee $429.00
UND 3 Graduate Level PD Credits $429.00
In-Service (Non-Credit) $229.00
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