Visual Learning Experiences to Support English Learners with Canva

Instructor: Multiple          3 Graduate Credits / 67.5 Massachusetts PDPs

Andrews Course # EDCI 639-075  / Drake Course # EDMT 214 / Colorado State Course #501  / UND Course #T&L 2900

Please Note - Andrews University will process no more than 18 credits per session, and transcripts reflect the session in which you complete the course.

Incorporating visual representations into instruction can improve vocabulary, engagement, understanding, collaboration, and confidence in a class with English language learners. In this hands-on course, educators will gain valuable insights and strategies to empower English learners in building vocabulary, reinforcing concepts, promoting collaborative learning experiences, and boosting their independence and confidence. By aligning the course content with their curriculum and the specific needs of their students, participants will craft actionable goals and create engaging learning materials using Canva, such as images, infographics, presentations, interactive whiteboards, and videos. While a basic understanding of Canva is beneficial, educators of all levels will find this course invaluable for immediate implementation of innovative teaching techniques that benefit all students, with a focus on supporting English language learners.

October 3rd, 2019 12:00 AM
Course Fee(s)
Andrews University 3-Credit Graduate Fee $379.00
Drake University 3-Credit Graduate Fee $379.00
Colorado State 3-Credit Graduate Fee $429.00
UND 3 Graduate Level PD Credits $429.00
3 NY Inservice Credits, 45 CTLE hours (non-grad) $229.00
67.5 Massachusetts PDPs (non-grad) $229.00
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