ClassroomScreen: Widgets that Work!

by | Jan 25, 2019 | ETS Instructors

I discovered this site after a post on Facebook. I checked it out, and it is legit amazing! It was so easy I was able to implement it after checking it out for 10 minutes at lunch.

You go to ​https://classroomscreen.com/. When you land on the page, it loads, and you have a gorgeous background. The background changes each time you go to the page, OR you can pick your own!

Along the bottom there are icons. These are your widgets (an application that is part of an interface that allows you to perform a function across that service). You can change the language (there are SO many to choose from). You have the ability to change the background (different pictures, solid colors, upload your own, and gif options). Then you get to add fun things to the background to help the productivity of your class!

I have added the text (perfect for those “I can” statements, timer (with a nice bell), voice level sign, a sound level tracker, and a name randomizer to mine. The sound level tracker is life. You can adjust the sensitivity, and if student voices get too high, the bell rings. You guys, my kids were all about this for 30 minutes today. Of course they wanted to test it, but…they did SO good on a Friday afternoon!

If you don’t want the widget anymore you just click on it again at the bottom and it disappears.

And the exit poll! You can use this for SO MANY things. You can choose what options they can select from, have them come up and click their choice (you could do this in transition so that it isn’t invasive. I picture them putting their comfort level of the “I can” statement, saying whether they liked something or not, classroom votes…so many things!

The one drawback is that it does not seem to save. BUT…it is amazing. There is an iPad web app that allows you to share it to your screen. I recommend that when you go to the site, go to the menu in the top left corner to read more and see the video! So super cool!

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