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M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction

M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction
In Partnership With Colorado State University Pueblo

Master of education online program - ED Technology Specialists

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Personalized learning


Choose your own courses


Nationally Accredited


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Program Highlights

Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is now available from ED Technology Specialist in a joint partnership with Colorado State University Pueblo, a leader in the field of serving, educating and empowering K-12. This personalized M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction program for teachers like you.

This new degree program allows a lot of flexibility. You may choose any of the courses based on topics that are relevant in your classroom providing a very individualized approach.

Get nationally and regionally accredited through Colorado State University Pueblo. This degree is the most affordable, convenient and unique program available anywhere!

This Masters’ degree consists of 13 courses totaling 38 credits in a convenient distance and online format.

You have up to two years to complete the degree but our teacher-friendly format can have you done in less than one.

Contact us to set up a group specifically for you and your colleagues!

How Does This Partnership Work?


Step 1: Register for courses

Begin registering and taking your 18 credits (6 courses) of distance courses from ED Technology Specialists. The cost for each course is $429 (you get your first class for 1/2 off, $215) and you can pay for one course at a time or multiple. View Courses

Total to ED Technology Specialists is $2,360 (if you use the 50% discount for your first class), which you can finance with Paypal or pay each course as you purchase it.


Step 2: Apply to CSU-Pueblo

Ready to put those classes towards your Masters? Apply to CSU Pueblo as a graduate student. Apply Here


Step 3: Enroll in the CSU-P core courses

As you are taking the distance courses with ED Technology Specialists, enroll in the CSU Pueblo core courses. View Courses

Personalize Your Masters

Elective Course Offerings

Choose up to six electives

We at ED Technology Specialists and Colorado State University Pueblo understand that teachers should have a say in their learning. This is exactly why we created this Master’s program. Personalize your learning and choose the courses that matter to you the most and your students.

Learning Your Way!

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