Please be sure to visit our FAQ page for more information regarding any other questions you may have.  The following is the general process in obtaining official transcripts for your Graduate Course through Andrews University:

  1. Andrews University will receive your grades within two business days of the end of the session in which you completed the course.  Visit our graduate page to check session dates again.
  2. Within ten business days, your official grade will be in Andrews’ system.  You will be notified via email from Andrews University that you can now order transcripts with your assigned AU ID#, which you will be given at this time as well.
  3. After you are contacted by Andrews University, the fastest and most economical way to order transcripts is at www.studentclearinghouse.org.  You must use the orange tab on the far right (order,track,verify).  Be sure you indicate Andrews University not Andrew college.  Please read the welcome page for extra information and any questions you may have.
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