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Our team has come together to create solutions to assist in the education of our most prized possessions and support communities in the ever-changing world of education.


FREE Online Course for Teachers

We are offering a free, 45 hour online course called “Intro to Edtech and Online Learning“.  This course is meant to provide teachers of all proficiency levels with valuable tools, strategies, and resources to assist them in using technology for online and distance learning.  The course includes sample modules from many of the courses that we currently offer.  We want to provide teachers an overview and wide array of technology tools and resources that they may find useful during this time and beyond.  Highlights of this class include:

  • The course is open to all teachers worldwide.
  • Students have access to the course within 1-2 days after registration.
  • The course is geared towards all teachers, including technology novices and beginners.
  • 45 CTLE Hours are available for New York State Teachers upon request.
  • 45 “Act 48” Hours are available for Pennsylvania Teachers

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