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Best Instructors

Our online courses are created by the most highly qualified thought leaders in educational technology in the nation.  Our instructors include authors, Google for EDU Innovators, Google for EDU Trainers, ISTE National Speakers, and PhD.’s, to name a few of their qualifications.

Fully Accredited

Our graduate courses are fully accredited through Andrews University by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).  The School of Education has been ranked #27 by the National Center for Education Statistics for “Best Teaching Degree”.

Master's Degree Credits

Are you a master’s degree candidate? We’ve partnered with Colorado State University-Pueblo which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to offer courses that can count towards your master’s degree.

Self-Paced Online

With all of our Universities, including UND, you can earn your credits at your pace, on your time. Collaborate with other educators and learn skills that you can immediately implement into your classroom. Stay informed in the quickly changing world of the digital classroom with Google Tools and other emerging technologies.

Session Dates – Courses are Self-Paced

Enrollment Window
Spring 2021
March 2 - June 1
Summer 2021
June 2 - August 1
Fall 2021
August 2 - December 1
Winter 2022
December 2 - March 1
Start Date
Spring 2021
April 13, 2021
Summer 2021
June 30, 2021
Fall 2021
September 21, 2021
Winter 2022
January 14, 2022
Course Completion Deadline to Receive Transcripts Early*
Spring 2021
June 18, 2021
Summer 2021
August 13, 2021
Fall 2021
December 14, 2021
Winter 2022
March 25, 2022
End Date
Spring 2021
August 13, 2021
Summer 2021
December 14, 2021
Fall 2021
March 25, 2022
Winter 2022
June 17, 2022

*If students finish coursework before this date, grades will be posted and transcripts processed at this time.
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“This was one of the most useful graduate courses I have ever taken!  I actually feel like I can transfer this to my classroom at any point. I love that I can work at my own pace to get the course finished.”

It Takes a Village: Building Community Connections with EdTech

Participants will explore the potential impact that school, local, corporate, and professional communities can have on student learning.

Communication and Collaboration in the Virtual Classroom

The ability for students to communicate and collaborate in remote and digital learning environments has become essential in order for them to thrive in our ever-changing world.

G Suite for Education: Integration & Application for Educators

In this online course, taught by a certified Google for Education Trainer, teachers will explore the latest and greatest Chrome extensions that are designed for educators and students.

Google Classroom and Collaborative Tools to Support Online Learning

This online course, taught by an authorized Google Education Trainer, will give participants a chance to explore and test Google Classroom and its many functionalities. 

Becoming a Resilient Educator: Self-Care Strategies and Tactics to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Participants will learn how to manage stress and anxiety, find ways to effectively practice mindfulness,  and work to develop a self-care plan and vision for the future. 

Visual Tools to Redefine Learning

In this engaging course, participants will explore EdTech tools that redefine learning with creative web tools that aid in the creation of infographics, visuals, multimedia, and other digital products.

Assisting Special Needs Learners with Instructional Technology

In this course, taught by a Google for Education Certified Trainer, teachers will explore and analyze a multitude of educational technology tools that can assist and support special needs learners.

Social Emotional Learning Strategies for the Modern Classroom

Providing SEL instruction helps motivate students in their learning, improves behavior and academic performance and benefits the entire school community.

Leveraging Instructional Technology to Advance the Learning Experience

Advance learning for you and your students through hands-on application of instructional technology tools all available through the GSuite and Extensions.

Visual Tools for Backwards Design

In this course participants will use backwards design to explore new EdTech tools for instruction that aid in the creation of infographics, visuals, multimedia, and other digital products.

Closing Gaps with Flipped Learning

This innovative course will explore the concept and practical application of flipped learning and provide an overview of various programs and applications used in the creation process.

Best Practices for Social Emotional Learning in Response to Crisis

Participants in this course will explore and evaluate various strategies to advance social and emotional learning for themselves and students in response to crises such as the global pandemic.

EdTech Applications for K-6: Promoting Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity

In this online course taught by a certified G Suite for Education trainer with 20 years at the elementary school level, educators will discover resources they may use to promote communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. 

Genius Hour: Inquiry-Based Technology-Infused Learning in the Classroom

It is imperative for teachers to provide opportunities for student voice and choice in the 21st-century classroom. 

Student Assessments in a Virtual Classroom

The ability for students to engage in digital formative assessments in remote and online settings is critical.

Connected Educators: Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Professional Development

In this course, participants will discover how current educators are connecting online with colleagues around the world through Blogs, Twitter, Twitter chats, Facebook groups, webinars, online conferences, and MOOCs to exchange resources, support, and mentorship.

Game-Based Learning: Unleashing the Power of Gaming in the Classroom

Game-based learning is a hot topic in education technology today. In this innovative online course, participants will learn how to take something students HAVE to do and turn it into something they GET to do.

Blending Your Classroom for the New Age of Learning

Create a classroom that blends the thoughtful integration of online digital media with traditional classroom instructional methods in new ways.

Strategies for Digital Literacy in Every Classroom

In this course, participants will explore the core tenets of digital citizenship, along with open educational resources to support integrated activities and lessons. 

Methodologies and Best Practices for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This foundation course will provide educators with informed choices for developing a multicultural curriculum and lesson plans that best support their current and future populations of language learners. 

Technology-Infused Discussion Groups: Digital Tools to Enhance Student Discourse

Join in a discovery of free, web-based applications including Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Padlet, Seesaw, and TodaysMeet. Learn how these applications and platforms enhance the discussion group experience for students AND teachers.

Diving Deeper with Digital Devices: Storytelling Choices and Reflection Tools

In this course, taught by a Certified Google Trainer, educator and k12 Digital Learning Coach, participants will explore a variety of digital storytelling tools, applicable to any curriculum or age. 

Writing = Thinking: Strategies for All Content Areas

In this online course, taught by a certified Google for Education Trainer, teachers will learn writing strategies that can be utilized in all content areas from 3rd through 12th grade.

Exploring the World Around us Through Virtual Field Trips

In this online course, taught by a certified Google Trainer, educators will discover resources they can use to take their students on virtual field trips.

Using G Suite To Enhance the 6-12 Math Classroom

This online course will cover concepts and skills needed by teachers who are ready to introduce or go further with G Suite for Education in their mathematics classroom.

Online Learning: Best Practices to Leverage the Power of Distance Learning

Learning institutions, universities, and public schools are in need of educators who are knowledgeable in designing and implementing engaging online instruction, sometimes referred to as “distance learning” or “e-learning.”

Motivating Girls To "Lean In" To Pursue Passion-Driven Careers In STEM

This online course will provide you the opportunity to explore and discover a multitude of computational thinking, robotics, and the new literacy of coding activities – including unplugged and tech-infused activities.

Instant Relevance, Using Today's Experiences To Teach Tomorrow's Lessons

In this course Denis Sheeran, author of the book Instant Relevance, will take you through seven areas you can use to increase the relevance of your lessons.

Exploring the Power of a Digital Classroom

This course allows teachers, administration, and support staff to learn new tools through hands-on investigation guided by tutorials and explore ways to address classroom management in a digital world.

Equity, Biases, and Critical Thinking in the Classroom

This course will explore activities and ways that we can promote a positive learning culture. Participants will learn how the digital divide and digital literacy play a role in a student’s ability to think critically and be future-ready.

21st Century Tools for Engagement

This online course, taught by an authorized Google Education Trainer and Innovator, will cover fundamental knowledge and skills needed by teachers who wish to reach their students. It is an introduction to essential tools for educators.  

Make the Shift! Transformative Digital Learning Experiences

Participants will have hands-on experience with online tools and with pedagogical approaches which include flipped and personalized learning, growth mindset, and student voice to engage today’s learners.

Getting the Most out of Google Chrome

In this online course, taught by a certified Google for Education Trainer, teachers will discover the power of Chrome. Participants will begin by customizing their browser to create a unique and individualized experience.

1 Credit Courses

Ed Tech Tools for Creation and Collaboration: 1 Credit

15 In-Service Hours CTLE
In this course, participants answers the question “How do we make sure that innovation and opportunity are available for all children?”

Best Practices for Teaching English Learners: 1 Credit

In this course, educators will analyze approaches, methodologies, and research that will help them meet the needs of their linguistically and culturally diverse students.

Ignite Learning with Google in Education: Hybrid: 1 Credit

This hybrid course drives students to apply the digital skills they learned to ignite learning and communication in their practice.

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