Graduate Courses

Learn from the most innovative lead educators in the nation.  Our courses are written and administered by real teachers who are thought leaders in the field of educational technology.  Fully online and self paced, our courses are fully accredited in partnership with Andrews University by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). 

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In-Service Courses

Is your district going Google?  We offer the best online courses created by Google for Edu Trainers and Innovators.  Work at your own pace, collaborate with other educators, and learn skills that can be transferred to your classroom immediately.  Finally, online professional development from educators who are in the trenches, implementing instructional technology every day.

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Charitable Work

We keep charitable giving at the forefront of all we do.  It is what compels us and motivates us to grow every day.  We donate a significant portion of our revenue to organizations that support children in need, such as Island Harvest.  We are proud to be able to help strengthen our communities by supporting charitable organizations like this.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It. Here’s What Our Students Are Saying:

  • “Honestly, this was one of the most useful grad courses I’ve taken! I actually feel like I can transfer this to my classroom at any point.”
  • “I started using Google Classroom last year, but I really didn’t understand all of the features. I am so glad I took this class and I cannot wait to set up my “classrooms” for September.”
  • “Finally, some real professional development I can use!”
  • “I really had no idea how many useful tools their were built into Google that were right at my fingertips. I am so glad I spent the time taking this course.”
  • “I love that it is online! I am able to work at my own pace.”
  • “I enjoyed the entire course. The course was interesting and valuable. I have a wealth of information to utilize in my classroom. The extensions I added and learned about will enhance my students’ learning experience and allow my instruction to be more efficient.”
  • “Great class – I will be using a lot of these extensions next year! Looking forward to future classes!”


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