Hybrid Online Classes for Teachers

Learning And Teaching Hybrid Classes

The following classes have been approved in many school districts as hybrid classes for teachers who are required to have face-to-face instruction as part of their learning experience.  If you are interested in a hybrid class and have further questions about the format, please contact mwalsh@edtechnologyspecialists.com

Courses will follow our session dates, listed on this page. Teachers will be able to obtain their transcripts from CSU-Pueblo at the end of the session.  Each course has different meeting times and locations.  Please click the “Learn More” button beneath each course for details specific to that course.

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“This was one of the most useful graduate courses I have ever taken!  I actually feel like I can transfer this to my classroom at any point. I love that I can work at my own pace to get the course finished.”

Courses Approved for Content

Please note that although these courses have been approved for “content” in the past, each approval is subject to the discretion of the school district, and is evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis. 

Hybrid: Science of Reading: Harnessing Research-driven Digital Tools

Participants will learn about the foundations of Science of Reading and explore reliable resources, tools,and activities that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Hybrid: Vocabulary Strategies to Deepen Students’ Understanding

Delve into Robert Marzano’s renowned six-step process for teaching vocabulary, equipping educators with powerful strategies to enhance students’ word knowledge and deepen their understanding.

Hybrid: Implementing STEAM Skills Across Content Areas

Participants will focus on the main STEAM skills of problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, logical reasoning, and collaboration to design meaningful learning experiences to meet individual needs.

Using Virtual Field Trips to Explore the World - HYBRID

In this online course, taught by a certified Google Trainer, educators will discover resources they can use to take their students on virtual field trips.

Hybrid: Enhancing Early Literacy Instruction with EdTech Tools

Participants will examine the meaningful use of digital tools in early literacy, discover digital tools to support early educators, and learn specific strategies and best-practices to support our youngest learners.

Hybrid: Social Emotional Learning Strategies for the Modern Classroom

Providing SEL instruction helps motivate students in their learning, improves behavior and academic performance and benefits the entire school community.

Courses Approved for Methodology

Please note that although these courses have been approved for “methodolgy” in the past, each approval is subject to the discretion of the school district, and is evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis. 

Hybrid: Integrating the Arts into K-12 Literacy Instruction

Participants will experience arts-integrated learning experiences first-hand, learn about new strategies and tools for teaching, and put learning into action by designing and implementing art-based literacy experiences for their students.

Hybrid: Artificial Intelligence, The Metaverse, and Chatbots in Education

Participants will learn basic components of artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and chatbots and will explore A.I. and metaverse tools, strategies, and policies.

Hybrid: Mindfulness to Improve Teaching and Learning

Participants in this course will be implementing skills and strategies for mindfulness, which has proven to be an effective tool to increase well-being and prevent burnout.

Hybrid: Google Certified Educator

Participants in this course will be prepared to take the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam – tuition for this course includes a discount equivalent to the cost of the exam.

Hybrid: Gamification in the Classroom: Engaging, Exploring, and Applying

Game-based learning embeds gaming principles into learning activities.  Participants will create motivating experiences that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Hybrid: Becoming a Resilient Educator: Self-Care Strategies and Tactics to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Participants will learn how to manage stress and anxiety, find ways to effectively practice mindfulness, and work to develop a self-care plan and vision for the future.

Hybrid: It Takes a Village: Building Community Connections with EdTech

Participants will explore the potential impact that school, local, corporate, and professional communities can have on student learning.

Hybrid: Unlocking History: Inquiry-Based Strategies for Primary Source Learning Experiences

Participants will explore and implement strategies for inquiry-based learning with primary sources.

Hybrid: Understanding and Implementing IEPs with Digital Tools

Participants will assess their prior knowledge of the IEP process and develop a personalized goal for the course using digital tools.

Hybrid: Tools for Close Reading Across the Curriculum

Participants will learn about components of close reading, explore digital tools to assist in implementation, and create close reading lessons that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Hybrid: Supporting English Language Learning with Instructional Technology

Participants will learn key components to successful English immersion, and explore a variety of resources to plan, implement, and maintain a successful English immersion classroom.

Hybrid: Best Practices for Social Emotional Learning in Response to Crisis

Participants in this course will explore and evaluate various strategies to advance social and emotional learning for themselves and students in response to crises such as the global pandemic.

Hybrid: Managing a 1:1 Classroom

Teachers will learn skills and strategies to establish and maintain an effective and productive 1:1 Classroom anc create a management system that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Hybrid: Elevate Understanding with Project Based Learning

Project-based learning puts students in the driver seat of their education.  In this engaging course, participants will experience project-based learning first hand and support students on their learning journey.

Hybrid: Getting Started with Google in Education: Best Practices and Application

This course will cover fundamental knowledge and skills needed by teachers who wish to use the latest Google Apps in the classroom, including Google Calendar, Docs, Slides, Forms, and Sites.

Hybrid: Tools to Strengthen Mathematical Processes in the K-12 Classroom

Participants will dive into the five math process standards, explore resources to support implementation, and experiment with digital tools to enhance teaching and learning.

Hybrid: Phenomena-based Learning in the K-12 Science Classroom

Participants will learn the steps to design and implement an engaging phenomena-based learning experience and participate in inquiry-based media-driven learning.

Hybrid: Google Level 2 Certified Educator

Becoming a Google Level 2 Certified Educator benefits teachers, administrators, students, and caregivers.

Hybrid: Differentiate Instruction with Technology Integration

Participants will learn six strategies for differentiated instruction and will explore and apply digital tools to set goals, research, plan and implement instruction, track progress, and show learning.

Assisting Special Needs Learners with Instructional Technology - HYBRID

In this course, taught by a Google for Education Certified Trainer, teachers will explore and analyze a multitude of educational technology tools that can assist and support special needs learners.

Hybrid: Closing Gaps with Flipped Learning

This innovative course will explore the concept and practical application of flipped learning and provide an overview of various programs and applications used in the creation process.

Google Classroom and Collaborative Tools to Support Online Learning - HYBRID

This online course, taught by an authorized Google Education Trainer, will give participants a chance to explore and test Google Classroom and its many functionalities.

Hybrid: Overcoming Tech Fatigue: Strategies for Efficient and Effective EdTech Integration

This course will provide participants with strategies to maximize digital effectiveness, to establish balance, and to teach healthy media use to students.

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