Teacher Salary Advancement Courses

by | Jan 22, 2022 | ETS Instructors

Many teachers across the nation are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet. This is why they  need to look at other avenues to increase their sources of income.  Teaching is a full time job, and most times there is no overtime pay.  Due to time constraints, there are not always many options to get a second job.  Here are some ideas for teacher salary advancement.

Look For More Earning Opportunities within the School 

Since it is not easy to do more than one job at the same time it is best to look for opportunities for earning within the school. This will give you the opportunity to utilize your time in the best way possible and increase your salary. You can sign up for additional work such as coaching for sports teams or drama club.  Chaperoning extracurricular events will also pay extra money in certain school districts.  These options add more responsibility and value to you as an employee while at the same time making you more money.  This will raise your salary and earn you valuable experience, which will greatly boost your resume. 

Teacher Salary Advancement by Earning Credits

In many schools across the nation, you can increase your salary with professional development.  The credits you earn from completing courses lead to a salary “lane change”.  Furthermore, professional development is very important if you wish to grow your career and stay abreast of the latest and greatest educational methodologies and tools.   Look for free opportunities to earn credits within your school.  In addition, you can take online self-paced classes like these for ultra convenience.  Make sure you enroll in courses that will actually teach you something valuable, not just a time-wasting busy work session.   

Get an Advanced Degree While You Earn Credits

You may already have a bachelor’s degree but that may not be enough. If you increase your level of education, you are more likely to get an increase in your salary. Many teachers leave their education incomplete and end up earning a less than desirable  salary.  If you want to increase your salary it is best for you to enroll in an advanced degree and complete your education. You can earn your Masters degree while completing salary advancement courses.  We can help you complete your degree online without any hassles. This way, you will not only get an advanced degree but you will also increase your salary. 


Tutoring is another excellent way to increase your income. Spending some extra teaching hours to give students the help they need with their assignments is not only an act of service but can also help you make more money. You can either tutor students on an individual basis or you can set up tutoring groups of students from the same educational level. This can help you increase your salary and you will be able to eventually add more students to your list. 

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