A Peek Inside a Course: Social Media and Social Emotional Learning

by | Jan 8, 2024 | ETS Instructors

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of students’ lives, shaping their interactions, perceptions, and emotional experiences. As educators, understanding the connection between social media and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is crucial in nurturing students’ holistic development. Our “Social Media and Social Emotional Learning” course can help grow your knowledge in this area! Take a look at the topics and tools you will encounter in this six module course:

Module 1: What is Social Media?

  • Research credible resources to help you define “What is social media?” 
  • Become familiar with the social media platforms available to your students. 
  • Identify the positive and negative impacts on your students.

Module 2: The Dilemma

  • Progress through assignments to reflect upon the documentary, The Social Dilemma. We provide you access to the film that delves into the algorithms, business models, and ethical implications behind major social media platforms and their influence on individuals and communities.

Module 3: SEL Frameworks

  • Review Harvard’s Explore SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) initiative. This program is designed to support educators, school leaders, and policymakers in understanding, implementing, and assessing effective SEL practices in educational settings.
  • Analyze and reflect upon one framework you feel would benefit your students the most. 

Module 4: Common Sense

  • Use Common Sense Education’s Digital Citizenship and Social Emotional Learning resources to develop learning experiences for your students.
  • Choose a focus topic that could positively impact your students. 
  • Create a lesson related to the topic of your choice. 

Module 5: Test Drive

  • Explore the contents of a tool called Test Drive. This resource works like a driving simulator to provide realistic digital dilemmas and scenarios that young people may encounter as they enter the social media world.
  • Create a lesson involving the Test Drive tool based on your new knowledge.

Module 6: Be Internet Awesome

  • Review Google’s Be Internet Awesome program and the lessons it has to offer. This resource empowers kids with tools and education to confidently and safely explore, grow, and play online.
  • Identify and reflect upon a lesson that could support the SEL growth of your students. 

Here are some of the takeaways from participants who’ve completed the course!

  • “It’s never too early to teach kids about how to be a positive presence online. I teach second graders and I never thought the idea of digital citizenship would be something applicable to them, but I now see how many positive discussions can be had about it as it relates to social emotional health.” – Tess
  • Use social media in a positive light.  It can be very powerful in both negative and positive ways, and I absolutely feel like it’s our duty as adults to empower children to use it to spread love and empathy, not negativity.” – Gladys
  • Educate students about the potential risks and benefits of social media. Engage students in discussions to raise awareness and understanding. Use learning opportunities that challenge students to form opinions and think critically.  Stay current about the latest trends or challenges in social media.”  – Charles

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