What is Canva’s Magic Write and How Does it Work?

by | Jan 22, 2024 | ETS Instructors

Canva’s Magic Write is an AI-enabled writing assistant that empowers users to effortlessly and quickly create written content, such as social media posts, emails, and more. This feature uses OpenAI to generate text and provide writing suggestions, making it easier for users to craft engaging and effective written materials. Teachers can leverage Canva’s Magic Write to create lesson plans, worksheets, and resources, allowing for quick and efficient editing and the ability to share and collaborate on materials with colleagues. Take a moment to watch this great video tutorial!

Check out these specific ways teachers can leverage this tool in the classroom:

1. Creating Engaging Lesson Plans:

Elevate your lesson plans by incorporating visually appealing and well-organized content. The tool’s intuitive interface and diverse range of templates enable educators to craft dynamic lesson plans that capture students’ attention and streamline the learning process.

2. Designing Interactive Worksheets and Resources:

By integrating multimedia elements and interactive features, educators can create engaging materials that cater to diverse learning styles and foster active participation in the classroom.

3. Enhancing Collaborative Learning:

Facilitate collaborative learning experiences by enabling teachers to develop interactive activities and assignments. Through the tool’s collaborative features, educators can encourage student participation and foster a sense of community within the classroom.

4. Personalizing Feedback and Assessment:

Provide personalized feedback and assessment tools, allowing teachers to provide comprehensive and visually engaging feedback to students. This feature supports a more personalized approach to student assessment, promoting a deeper understanding of their progress and areas for improvement.

By leveraging Magic Write, teachers can inspire creativity and self-expression in their students. The tool’s diverse array of design elements and multimedia resources empowers educators to create an environment that encourages students to express themselves and engage with the learning material in a more dynamic manner.

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