When the Teacher’s Away…

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When you have to be gone from the classroom, it is often very stressful. Not only for you, but for the students. In my 1:1 iPad classroom, I found that my plans often would revolve around just managing behaviors because I was able to have my iPads lead the students through their day.

Because of this, I have created a student sub plan that I also try to  create alongside the adult sub plans I leave. Now, these are not ideal if you have an emergency situation you have to be gone for. But there are many times when I have a  good idea that I am going to need a sub.

If you have been following my posts, you will remember I do Snapchat videos that I save and load into Google Classroom for students throughout the day, thanks to the ability to be able to schedule tasks. As these notifications go throughout the day, the student sub plans tell students the expectations.

Adult Sub Plans Example
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Student Sub Plans Example
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File Type: pdf

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I love these student sub plans because I am able to put reminders in it about behavior, what needs to get completed, and what they should and should NOT be doing. My students said they appreciate it because, let’s face it, they know best what they should be doing when it comes to the technology and assignments that I give.

Give it a try! I bet your students will really like their own sub plans.